Pisces Kundli 2017

Pisces natives are experiencing difficulties in their love/marriage life and that is due to effect of Saturn but this planet will soon move off from Pisces kundli 2019. The time when the Saturn will move off would come in April that is after crossing four months of difficulties buy post April there will calm and progress. Two years of difficulties would come to an end and if you could maintain your relationship till April then there will be no more hassle or complication in your life. A very positive change would come in your behavior because of the Saturn moving out from your kundali.

Seventh house will remain largely inactive this year but it won’t affect your love life negatively. Change that you will feel after Saturn moves out that is post April would make you acceptable among family, friends and society. Singles can expect Pisces kundali matching 2019 post April and married persons would feel find their spouses appealing. The year 2019 will bring good news for Pisces as the Saturn will remove its ill effects from this zodiac sign. All the obstructions will be removed and there will steady progress in every sector from love to career and from finance to investment.    

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Pisces Kundli 2017
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