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Astrologys interpretation systems approach is the title of a book by VK Choudhry, an author in India astrology. The approach is now also known as SA in the modern literature on this issue known. SA has been used in studies of mundane astrology. national lists have been to a large number of countries revised and discussed during a special discussion list (Samvaad). Given the importance, special attention was paid to the correction of a U.S. conspiracy on the basis of astrology, Figure SA, U.S. Samvaad.

Astrology, ancient wisdom, helps us to understand the lowest potential of our character that we allow the laws of success in life, health, career, love, finance, relationships. The influence of the Astrology is the creation of the planets in the signs on the other aspects that make conjunctions examined. Both are played to the strength of the planet, both for planetary periods (DASA bhuktis more) in addition to the current planetary influences (transit). Above all, reading with the rising sign on the date of birth, place everything is based. Aspects that help in the identification of favorable planetary alignments worse.

The establishment of a world that combines the sense of the house led her in the direction of home placement. A planet that the house has 6, 8 or 12 is an eerie, functional can in other places in the table concern. A desolate planet shows the meanings of the planets dominated sorry, he told The lucky ones driven by divine forces to use astrological knowledge of corrective measures (Jyotish Spa) end -. Both the promotion of malefics strengthen weak Kavach or precious stones.

Because of the confusion of many inconsistencies in the classical texts, VK Choudhry has a systemic approach to the interpretation of Astrologys (SA) were the main factors in the analysis carried out in the chart to be developed. His systematic approach could students understand most practitioners of astrology, in essence, the key factors for proper design, the greater the prediction of a Astrology. SA is gaining worldwide popularity because of their most basic rules of clear, reliable results. The philosophical basis of his astrological work is to some extent, the Ramayana. Home VK Choudhry provides a free weekly Astrologys for all twelve ancestors, birth chart online and free online lessons on the basis of astrology, Vedic astrology Systems'Approach to learn.

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