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He was back in the Mediterranean and the Greeks, who planned the art of prediction Astrology and astrology. Astrology predictions about the most common signs of the zodiac or sun-based, with 12 stars in a number of them are twins, Capricorn, Cancer, etc. Most of Astrologys are dependent on this idea. but others are especially Chinese astrology, which uses mainly the four planets Astrology forecasts.

Astrology is the basis of astrology, which in turn depends on celestial bodies, which often includes the earth, the moon and the nine planets in our solar system processes. Astrology is based on the simple idea of divination based. Divination is not only a vision for the future and the things that will happen in the future. Astrologys and always generates? S fate. To name some great astrologer Nostradamus, with his powerful vision of an overview of what the earth could in the 21 Century and the end face of the world is very narrow.

As an astrologer I predict the chain of events on the chart itself is an almost impossible task-based. There are certain factors that are designed to be ideal for a Astrology to predict individual needs. with time and skill to master.

In anticipation of the chart, there are four important points to help you, a half moon are mainly descended future.They medium heavens and the Fond du Ciel. Most Astrology predictions center around the house. Astrologers tend to divide people into twelve equal parts diagram and set the position of celestial bodies in the streets with time, date of birth. These are the only celestial body? S select a destination and the future. But there is no scientific evidence that the correlation between celestial bodies and events chart.

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November 2015
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