Makara 2015 Astrology In Hindi by Name

The people in this house have the good sense of depth. Their aspirations are high. From humble beginnings to rise to greater heights. You have reached difficulties in life with courage and their goals. Are likely to have many enemies. You need to the internal conflict. The disagreement between the members of the house has a regular column. With nature, Makara Rasi people are not willing to accept advice from others. Stay vigilant and wary of other over the approach. The liquidity problems during a certain period of life and economic damage can not be excluded be experienced. Must be cautious not to fall into the wrong actions that fall affect your peace of mind. You have to careful about illegal transactions. Usually they are compared by their families. Are probably from their parents, guardians and loved ones are separated. The Dasas that the people invited to sign Makara are Venus and Mercury. The bad Dasas are from Mars, Moon, Jupiter and Ketu.

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Makara 2015
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