Kumbha 2015 Astrology In Hindi by Name

Very great saints and thinkers have been born in this house. Among the 12 Zodiac sign is attached to the hidden elements. The people in this house have unexpected journey. They face problems on the home front. Your friends will influence their families. They are generally idealists. If the giant planets are made for that character's potential, great servants of humanity, they bring knowledge and wisdom for the advancement of humanity. The material prosperity of these people are related to their own spiritual nature. In the case of a lack of spirituality, are required to be selfish and indifferent to human progress. Physically they may suffer from diseases related to the legs, teeth, eyes and ears. You can also suffer from a lack of blood flow. Nice Dasas Ravi, Venus, Saturn and Rahu. Dasas patients are Jupiter, Moon and Mars.

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Kumbha 2015
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