Jyotish 2018 by date of birth

The year 2019 can be called the year of Saturn as most rashis are facing heat of Shani since end of 2014. It is called sade sati and it isn’t an auspicious yoga. But things would improve close to the year end and the jyotish 2018 in Hindi would bring good news for all those suffering from sade sati. In sade sati, people face tremendous difficulties from loss of health to drain of wealth but they can save their health and wealth by appeasing Shani through Shani shanti or by changing Shani beej mantra.
Many people will remain single in the year 2019 as their seventh house is predicted to remain inactive throughout the year but some development is seen close to the year end. Good news is expected in 2018 but how the new year would impact people is a thing to be seen in joyotish by date of birth. Shani would start receding from rashis in 2018 and this is certainly good news for those suffering from sade sati. Once rashis are free from sade sati, people can find matches and marry. Also there will be many opportunities for growth and development in the new year. Jyotish shastra in Hindi is very clear on health, wealth and other aspects of life of people.

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Jyotish 2018
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