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To be in the sky, stars as seen from Earth in the constellation summarized. Thus, the cards are constantly being developed (parallel or diagonal) with its own nomenclature for astronomical Locate famous stars and add the latest discoveries.

* System altazimuth or horizontally on the basis of the celestial horizon and the meridian of the place.

* Dates and equatorial systems that the celestial bodies have regard Ecuador, but the first system as a reference meridian second place, while the second on the hour circle (the circle through the celestial poles) refers adopted.

* The system of the ecliptic, which is usually used to describe the motion of the planets and calculate eclipses, is the circles of reference to the ecliptic longitude and the circle passing through the poles of the ecliptic and the point .

* System galactic stars is used in the statistics, the movements of the body and to describe the positions of the galaxies. The circles are the main intersection of the galactic equatorial plane with the celestial sphere and the circle through the poles of the Milky Way and the tip of the sun (on the celestial sphere where the solar motion is directed.)

Position data astronomy is the oldest branch of science. Describes the motion of stars, planets, satellites, and phenomena such as eclipses and planetary transits the disk of the sun's planetary motion study is the average daily movement is introduced, which move in orbit every day assuming that uniform motion. Position data and the study of astronomy is daily exercise and the annual movement of the sun are the basic tasks of identifying the same time and the calculation of geographical coordinates used. To determine the time using the ephemeris time or mean solar time is also available to local time. Local time in Greenwich is known as Universal Time.

The distance that the stars are measured from Earth in the universe in astronomical units, light years or parsecs. The knowledge of the proper motion of stars is what moves a century in the sky can not predict the approximate position of the stars in the future and calculate its position in the past to see how they develop over time constellations.

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