Taurus Astrology 2020 in hindi

April 20 to May 20 falls under this zodiac sign. Love is in the air and it will be a good idea to tie the knot with your sweetheart this year only. This year is good for marriage for Taurus people. Marriage will bring good fortune. Avoid, however, hasty marriage decision. Health will be fine but occasional health disturbances might be the cause of annoyance, rather than tension.  Career road will be bumpy as per Taurus 2020. Conflict and arguments with office colleagues and employers might stress the individuals. Growth prospects will be present though. Financially, this year Astrology 2020 prediction indicates saving money as much as one can. Income will be good and expenses moderate. Excessive unwanted expenses should be discouraged.

Health of parents will be satisfying but that of spouse will not be that good. Married people should find sufficient time to spend with life partner as peace at home can sometimes be disturbed. Taurus astrology 2020 indicates taking short trips to divine destination as this will do well to them. Students will get distracted and might not score good in exams. Children will neglect their studies and Taurus parents need to show some patience with their exam marks.

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Taurus 2020
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