Scorpio Astrology 2020 in hindi

October 24 to 22nd November is the sphere of Scorpio zodiac sign. Career will not be that good as per Astrology 2020 prediction. Superiors might sometimes find you inefficient. Colleagues will not be that supportive. Do not neglect work. Do not compromise on your professionalism. Personal life related tension should not be allowed to interfere into work. Personal relation with spouse will deteriorate if overly dominating attitude is maintained. Show some tolerance to view of others. Scorpio 2020 will do good to avoid vocal conflict this year with spouse as far as possible. Kids will find your strict nature unbearable. Be friendly with your kids.

Financially this year will be good as income will be steady. Savings might not be satisfactory but expenses will be under control. Parents will keep good health. Health of kids and spouse too will be okay. Personal health not much challenging will be this year. Scorpio astrology 2020 suggests not investing money in residential properties as result will not be good. Singles can find the one they would like to marry. Decisions should not be taken on impulse regarding marrying someone. Marriage will bring mixed fortune. Married people will do good to make a trip to nearby destinations with spouse.

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Scorpio 2020
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