Pisces Astrology 2020 in hindi

February 20 to March 20 is the time period of this zodiac sign. Career will be impressive and growth will be there. Relation with colleagues and superiors need to be cordially maintained. Loss of temper might cause personal loss. Students will get chance to do higher studies but visiting foreign location for educational purpose might not be fruitful. Astrology 2020 prediction indicates happy married life with an understanding relationship with spouse. Conflicts will not be much between couple and domestic peace will be maintained. Kids will keep good health. Parents too will be in the pink of their health.

Occasionally old age health complaints might be present but no major challenge to their general health. From financial point of view, this year savings will not be very impressive but not absolutely bad either. Expenses need to be monitored however. Pisces 2020 need to control their emotional outburst as it might get them into trouble unnecessarily. Personal health might create tension. Major threat to disease like cardiovascular or heart related diseases might create tension. Take extra care of health. Pisces astrology 2020 will benefit from taking tours to distant lands with family members. Holidaying in hill stations should be avoided for safety reason.

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Pisces 2020
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