Libra Astrology 2020 in hindi

September 23 to October 22 is the Libra zodiac sign. Career will not be very good this year. Chance to get promotion is very negligible. Tensed relation with superiors might cause work tension.. Financially this year is good. Financial gains will be there. Savings will help clearing the debts. Expenses will not be very high. Relation with children will improve as per the prediction of Libra astrology 2020. They will show you respect and like being in your company. Relation with spouse will be also satisfactory. Misunderstandings will get cleared.

You will find peace at home. Family members will be emotionally supportive. Parents will keep good health. Tour to attractive tourist destination will be there. No threat to life during any kind of journey. Personal health will be okay with no such major threat to health. Libra 2020 will find mental peace except in office due to work pressure. Singles should not marry this year as troubled married life might follow such marriage. Singles might find someone worthy tying knots with, but do not marry this year. Astrology prediction 2020 does not allow commencing new relation this year. Health of spouse is good but that of kid will not be so.

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Libra 2020
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