Leo Astrology 2021 in Hindi

23rd  July to 23rd August is the time phase of this zodiac sign. These people will do well in engineering fields, mass communication, acting, polytechnics, social sciences, accountancy, disaster management course, business management etc. The courses mentioned will earn them huge career prospects and therefore opting for these professional courses this year will be a good idea for Leo 2021. Students can even manage going to abroad for higher education in the fields of management, engineering, literature etc. For singles Leos it is advised according to Leo Astrology 2021 by date of birth & Time that they better stop being so shallow and start looking for a good human being first to share their feelings with. These people want to show off their partner to this world and take pride in doing so. 

Always relying heavily on good looks and status can make you settle down with the wrong one and such possibility is very high this year. Hence, better go slow in love & affairs this year. For married people it is suggested to connect with your spouse emotionally. Financially a very good year as income and savings both will be high as per Leo Astrology 2021 in Hindi.

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Leo 2021
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