Leo Astrology 2020 in hindi

July 23 to August 23 is the period of this zodiac sign. Health will be good. No such threat to health can be seen in Astrology prediction 2020. Health of kids and spouse will too be good. Either of the parents might suffer from health issues. Career will flourish. Growth prospects will be there. Your interference into everything might not be taken positively by office colleagues. Personal relation with spouse will not be good. Tendency to dominate might not work well in personal relationship. Conflicts and arguments with spouse will be plenty. Try understanding the wishes and emotions of the spouse or things would get out of control. Kids need to be shown tolerance. They will score average in exams. Financially income will be satisfying.

Expenses on lifestyle products will be more than average. Savings will be moderate. Do not invest in shares and lands. Leo 2020 will benefit from taking tours to other parts of the country. Road trips should be taken carefully. Parents will keep good health. Students will get good grades but higher studies might be problematic. Study in abroad might not be possible this year. Leo astrology 2020 suggests showing some tolerance to failure of others.

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Leo 2020
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