Capricorn Astrology 2021 in Hindi

December 22 to January 20 is the phase enjoyed by this zodiac sign. These people will enjoy good career growth and lucrative job opportunities all through this year. Capricorn 2021 suggests tying the knot with your one true love and settle down to start a family of your own. Financially also not a bad year but income will not be that high as is expected to be. You have to focus on savings when you can so that unforeseen expenditures in future can be taken care of without causing disturbance to your monthly budget.

In general you are good at managing funds, but this year it is advisable to take better care of money and never do financial investments in market shares and bonds. Results will not be good by Capricorn  Astrology 2021 by date of birth & Time. Students will do very good result if they study and also there is very much possibility for good students to get the scope to study in foreign countries. Married people ought to spend quality time with family. Capricorn Astrology 2021 in Hindi indicates good health and also predicts parents will keep good health too. Travelling to attractive tourist destination will take place.

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Capricorn 2021
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