Cancer Astrology 2021 in Hindi

21st June to 22nd July is the phase of Cancer zodiac sign. Cancer 2021 indicates peaceful and happy domestic life where relation with spouse or life partner will be very loving and caring. Kids at home will sometimes neglect their studies and as a result exam scores will not be that impressive. If you are single then it is not the correct time for you to look for love as most of the potential matches that come your way will not be true to your feelings and emotions.

Take care of your emotional needs as everybody does not possess same feelings as you might do for them. Marriage prospects through distant relatives will be there this year. Health of these people according to Cancer Astrology 2021 by date of birth & Time will be more or less good, but towards the middle of the 3rd quarter of this year some serious medical issue might bother you. Your career will go through bumpy road this year and also sometimes office politics might cause tension. Just keep working hard and smart and things will get okay by itself over time. Cancer Astrology 2021 in Hindi suggests taking care of parents and spending time at home.

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Cancer 2021
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