Astrology 2019 by date of birth

Rashis going through toughest phase called Shani sade sati will find big respite in 2019 as the most difficult phase of sade sati that is first 3 years will be over. They will start coming out of the evil effects of sade sati but after braving a terrible fight with all mighty Saturn. People suffering from kaalsarp yoga have to be very careful during sade sati. Seventh house of many rashis will remain inactive in 2018 but in 2019 they can expect activity in their seventh house. Astrology 2019 clearly shows that many rashis would get matches after coming out from the influence of Shani.

Marriage might not be a priority for you but when the seventh house would become active, you will start taking interest in social life and eventually in marriage. The cosmic powers will come to your rescue, whenever you are in problem, there will be opportunities from everywhere and also will get the power to take advantage of the opportunities from Mars. You will start feeling encouraged and happy from the start of the year. Jyotish astrology 2019 in Hindi is like lighthouse as it throws light on every aspect of life. Problems would come but they won’t last long.

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Astrology 2019
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