Aquarius Astrology 2020 in hindi

January 21 to February 19 is the domain of this zodiac sign. Career will be good with sufficient growth prospects. Office politics will not affect the people with this zodiac sign much as they know well how to distance themselves from trouble. Superiors will appreciate but colleagues not that supportive. Financially, savings will be very good. Incomes will steadily inflow but sudden increase is not predicted as per Astrology 2020 prediction.  Expenses done on impulse need to be controlled. Singles will not have to wait anymore. Marriage prospects are there adequately. Marriage will bring happiness and prosperity. Tying the knot this year will not be a bad idea. Married people need to focus more attention on sustaining warmth and romanticism in their relation with spouse.

Misunderstandings might create momentary conflicts but exercising patience is required to avoid big trouble. Parents will keep good health. Kids will neglect their studies and exam marks will be average. Aquarius 2020 needs to spend more time with family than friends. Friends will not be that emotionally supportive. Taking trips to attractive destination with family will do them good. Aquarius astrology 2020 suggests taking good care of health. Road accidents might occur, hence be careful.

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Aquarius 2020
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