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Western astrology, astrology is very popular in the West. Western astrology is based on historical Tetrabiblos of Ptolemy (2nd century AD), which in turn was a continuation of a tradition, and finally based Hellenistic Babylon.

Western astrology is largely Astrology, ie it is a kind of prophecy about the construction of a Astrology of a moment that the birth of a human influence in which various cosmic bodies would be based. Astrology in the Western popular culture is often the sun astrology, taking into account the reduced time of the birth of the individual (the position of the Sun on that day).

From the middle of the 20th Century there were several proposals to reform the traditional Western astrology, including the examination of planets beyond Saturn discovered in modern times, or new ways of sidereal astrology and introduction of (star sign for 14 or 13 a - Zodiac sign). However, these suggestions have been of limited impact.

The zodiac is the belt or band of constellations through which the movement of the sun, moon and planets on their journey across the sky. Astrologers noted these constellations and so attached a particular meaning for them. Over time they developed the method of the twelve signs of the zodiac, based on the twelve constellations through which the sun moves during the year, the constellations are enlightened by the Spirit. Most Western astrologers use the tropical zodiac beginning with Aries at the vernal equinox in the northern hemisphere always on or around 21 March each year. The Western zodiac is based on the ratio of the earth at the offices designated heaven and earth has been identified. The sidereal zodiac is made on the basis of the position of the Earth in relation to the constellations and tracks their movements in the sky. By a phenomenon called precession of the equinoxes (when the Earth's axis slowly rotating like a top in a cycle of 25,700), there is a slow change in the correspondence between the resorts of the world (and calendar) and the constellations of the zodiac. Thus, the tropical zodiac, the position of Earth relative to fixed positions in the sky (Western Astrology), while the stellar zodiac on the position in relation to the constellations (sidereal zodiac) is based.

Newspapers often print astrology columns to provide guidelines on what is in one day compared to the zodiac, the sun, if the person was born can happen. Astrologers call this the star sign, but often it is often called the star sign . These forecasts are vague or general, astrologers, as the practice itself, they think small and worthless. Tests have shown that when people show their daily Astrology daily Astrology sign with another sign, they believe they are as good on average. Professional astrologers say that the most complete personal Astrology is more efficient, but critics say it is not the case (see external link The astro test below).

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