Sagittarius Kundli 2019

Capricorn natives are going to make some new year resolutions in 2019. This year they will focus on their self development. Since the seventh house of Capricorn would remain inactive, they will get much time for developing their self-esteem and personal abilities. But it doesn’t mean that there would no time for love and romance. Your magnetic personality will attract opposite sex and an intense relationship isn’t entirely ruled out towards later part of the year. But you are going to spend more time on personal development instead of looking for friends and partners. It is all about Capricorn kundli 2019.

Moon is your love planet and when it showers its blessings on you, you feel blessed and attracted towards others. It is the time when you want to make friends and develop relationships. But when Moon turns a blind to you, you feel secluded and feel amused in spending time in personal development. A careful study of movements of moon could give a better picture of Capricorn kundali matching 2019. If you are looking for matchmaking this year then you should follow Moon as it is your love planet and it is the only help available for you as your seventh house is inactive this year.

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Sagittarius Kundli 2019
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