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Astrology Uranus is a relatively new method of astrology on the teachings of the French surveyor base / astrologer Alfred Witte (1878? 1941), founder of the Hamburg School of Astrology. Witte resumed and developed the use of mathematical circles for the analysis and accurate astrological prediction. There was also an avid student of astronomy independent. Prior to 1970, elements of psychology were Uranus astrology astrology rare, but the psychological astrology is now by many astrologers of Uranus, which means that other psychological variables, social, genetic and free astrological exploitation and indicators to influence composed manifest continue to recognize the way ultimately energy. Astrology Uranus is slightly less than one kind of entertainment to do something more traditional impressionistic astrology popular because of its relative accuracy, examples of which in well-studied sites Astrology Uranus can be found to be classified.

In his early writings in late 1920, Witte tried numerous historical astrology techniques, including astrological houses, planetary formulas such as Arab parties and the planetary governor. His approach to astrology was to confirm or refute the hypothesis by the observation of the use of astrological tradition. Witte also suggested the existence of trans-Neptunian planets, which is considered essential to the practice of astrology Uranus. They really wanted the astrology science approach, but it was also open border as a scientist, to explore new ideas. These trans-Neptunian astrological factors of 2009, which has not been proved or disproved with what astronomers generally trans-Neptunian objects in the Kuiper Belt or Oort cloud or scattered phenomena characterized derived.

Trans-factors of Witte and win green are given as follows. Witte? S Hypothetical trans-Neptunian planets, Cupido, Hades, Zeus and Kronos. It was expanded in 1924 my astrologer Uranus, Frederick Green victory, the list of hypothetical trans-Neptunian planets include Apollo, Admetus, Vulcanus and Poseidon. After winning Green Witte? S amendments only sought to check the validity of the four trans-Neptunian, originally proposed date. However, other astrologers took victory and used green Uranus? S-Trans additions to the group. Cupid is perhaps what is now classified as Plutinos, although this was not confirmed or discounted. Other factors that may be identified with astronomical categories is not yet developed or identified. Uranus astrologers today in essence, that the effects are controlled, whatever the precise mapping of the causal factors and astrologers use environments between global factors as well as organizations such as the planet is not an impossibility, that by means of points or nodes.

Recent astronomical discoveries show that there are many scattered trans-Neptunian bodies among them, many of them astronomically with very eccentric orbits and / or elliptical, and not necessarily the validation or invalidation of them until more research. Some astrologers Uranus believe they could possibly focus on the asteroid belt that real planets, by definition, but are proven by research (many of which are based on a scientific approach to astrology, that most astrologers have insisted) Witte World in 1920 and sat down heavily on the Hamburg School of Astrology and the School of Astrology Uranian is, its effect on land issues considerably.

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