Astrology 2020 by date of birth

Planets keep changing their positions day by day, month by month and year by year. Shani that started its sade sati on many rashis close to 2014 will start leaving the rashis from its evil effects in 2020 hence this year is going to be quite beneficial for all the rashis. Matches will be made and also there will be progress everywhere. Astrology 2020 can see how rashis will perform in the coming year. And if there is problem like inactivity of seventh house or manglik yoga then the jyotish shastra will come to your rescue. When the cosmic powers are with you then there won’t be any problem.
Life could take its full turn in the new year, if the planets sit in favorable positions. Saturn won’t create any difficulty and Jupiter will bless with its positive power. Venus will create its magic and Moon will bring light into your life. The sun would start rising from horizon and you will see light of the day. Jyotish astrology 2020 in Hindi can see your growth and progress in new year. If you are single, you are likely to get married and if you are married, your marriage life will be full of happiness.

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Astrology 2020
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