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For people of the Taurus sign you may expect quite a bit of illness this year. Very prone to accidents 2019 is the year which you should take massive amounts f care to your body. Long time illnesses are most likely to pop up. If you are an adrenaline junkie try to keep it a bit subdued. This is not the year to go for adventure sports but if you do make sure to keep extreme caution intact. Do not turn a deaf year to family members as that will help you to ensure you are kept on a straight path. The work front will be okay with no great changes. However if you work diligently you may be given more projects than you are used to.

But that will not really change a great deal of your interest. Taurus Astrology 2019 shows that romantic attachments may be heading you way at the start of the year so you should keep a look out. Do not put work ahead of your personal life as your personal life will ensure how well your handle your job. The Taurus 2019 Predictions is a good reminder of where to draw the line on being a workaholic.

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