Gemini love Astrology 2016

For people born under the Gemini star sign, you can expect a lot of travelling this year. This year will one which will require you to travel due to your work. For all the people who work in the creative medium and are looking to make it big, make sure that you keep your eyes open since it can be a very important year for your career. Firstly these people may just get that big break you are looking for. Do not hesitate to take the risks ads the rewards will be great.

Family issues will be okay and expect to settle some old arguments through peaceful conversations this year. Reunion with old friends in the first half of the year is another possibility. Gemini love Astrology 2016 shows that you just might meet a special someone this year. Aries and Aquarius are huge possibilities for you. Over all Gemini  2016 Astrologys is a complete package with a balanced positive and negative outcome. Expect no health issues but maintain diet and exercise. Know when to take it slow and do not push yourself too hard as that can cause relation as well as health problems. Work hard this year and the rewards will speak for themselves.

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Gemini love 2016
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