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Have character for Mercury, Venus, Jupiter and Saturn, forms brought in later Greek papyri found the name.

Symbols of the classical planets, signs, aspects, many, and the lunar nodes appear in medieval manuscripts which have preserved many of the former Byzantine Astrologys. In the papyrus of the origin of these Greek Astrologys, there is a circle with a flash (an old symbol of the sun) the sun and a crescent moon.

The symbols of Jupiter and Saturn are identified as monograms of names in Greek letters and the symbol of Mercury is a stylized caduceus.

ASD Maunder is a history of planetary symbols to older sources that are used to represent the gods of the classical planets. Bianchini world map in the second century produced, the Greek personification of the planetary gods as the charge of the first versions of the symbols of planets: Mercury is a caduceus, Venus, along with his collar, a wire to another collar, Mars, Jupiter, spear, staff, Saturn, a scythe, the sun, a circle with rays of him, and the moon, a cap fitted with a half moon.

Symbols for Uranus and Neptune were formed shortly after their discovery. For Uranus are five symbols variants. A symbol, Uranus, invented by JG Köhler and refined by Bode, should the newly discovered metal platinum and platinum, often called white gold, was represented by chemicals found mixed with iron, and since the metal is harder and heaviest known then combines the alchemical symbol for platinum iron symbols? and gold?. Another symbol was suggested by Lalande Uranus in 1784. In a letter to Herschel, Lalande described it as a ball by the first letter of your name on projects ( crossed a ball by the first letter of your name. ) was discovered after Neptune, the Office of Longitudes given name and the trident of Neptune famous symbol for the planet.

A chart in the Compendium of the 12th Century, John Kamateros of astrology shows the sun, represented by the circle with a lightning letter zeta Jupiter (the first of Zeus, Jupiter's counterpart in Greek mythology), a sign to March with a spear, and other classical planets similar to modern symbols, without the cross, the characters in the modern versions of the symbols seen. The modern symbol of the sun as a circle with a dot (??), first appearance depicted in the Renaissance.

Vesta Modern astrological symbol was created by Eleanor Bach, who pioneered the use of five large asteroid with the publication of his ephemerides of asteroids. Bach symbol of Vesta is a simplified version of the other representations of the altar of Vesta, the original form of the symbol of Vesta, Vesta, was produced by the Italian mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss. Dr. Olbers, who discovered last historicallyin and named a new planet (asteroids are classified as follows), Gauss gave the honor to name his new discovery. Gauss decided to save the planet of the goddess Vesta name, and also specifies that the symbol is the altar of the goddess of the sacred fire to be in it.

The astrological symbols for three of the five large asteroid? Ceres, Pallas, Juno and? It was created after its discovery. Shortly after the discovery by Giuseppe Piazzi of Ceres, a group of astronomers, the name proposed by the discoverers ratified, and opted for the crescent as a symbol of the planet. The symbol of the lance of Pallas Athena, was invented by Baron von Zach Franz Xaver and introduced in his monthly mailings for the transportation of earth and astronomy. Karl Ludwig Harding discovered and named Juno, who assigned the symbol of a scepter topped by a star.

The symbol for the retrograde motion is a capital with impact of the tail R with a strike from the tail too many words beginning with the letter R cut;? . In recipes that shortened the recipe word ( take from the Latin imperative recipere and measuring books, an R with a strike of the tail has the answers.

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