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The expression of classical antiquity, astronomers and natural philosophers lights in the sky divided into two groups born. A group contains the fixed stars, to rise up and maintaining the rule in the same time appears to be. The other group consists of the naked eye planets they as wandering stars. (Sun and moon, planets were sometimes called.) The planets seem to move and change their position over short periods (several weeks or months). They always seem in the band of stars known as the Zodiac move from the west. Planets can be distinguished from fixed stars, since stars tend to shine, while the planets shine with a steady light shine.

The fixed stars (in the wake of America staring) are celestial objects that move did not appear in relation to other stars in the night sky. Therefore, a fixed star in a star other than the sun. A fog or other stellar object is also known as a star. People in many cultures have thought that the photos are the stars in the sky are called constellations. In ancient Greek astronomy, the stars are actually in a great celestial sphere or firmament, which revolves around the Earth every day.

The star catalog of Claudius Ptolemy in the second century, established lists or 1022 stars visible from Alexandria. This became the standard number of stars in the western culture for hundreds of years. The total number of stars with the naked eye, about 6000, and only about half at some point in the night, visible from a given point on the earth. All are stars in the Milky Way and are actually at different distances from us. Most of the millions of stars in the Milky Way can be detected by telescopes or indirectly close their existence because they are weak or obscured by gas and interstellar dust and foreground stars.

Fixed stars have parallax, a change in the apparent position of the orbital motion of the earth causes. This effect was short so they do not realize until modern times. It can be used to find the distance of nearby stars. This movement is visible.

The actual movement of a star in a radial motion and movement is itself split, with real movement is part of the line of sight. In 1718 Edmund Halley announced his discovery that the fixed stars have proper motions. Proper motion has not been observed by ancient cultures, as required to achieve accurate measurements over long periods of time. In fact, the night sky looks today much as it has done for thousands of years, a lot, so that some modern constellations were first named by the Babylonians.

The stars still show the actual movement, however. This movement can be considered as part of the rotation of the galaxy, and in some cases the proper motion of the star in his own galaxy as part of the one part of the movement of the galaxy in which the star belongs.

The term fixed stars is technically correct, but used in a historical context, and in classical mechanics.

A typical method for determining the proper motion is the position of a star compared to a limited number of distant objects that are not reciprocal movement have to be measured, and that is because of their remoteness, assumed that there is little movement itself another method is to compare images of a star at different times, in a broad context of more distant objects. The star best known is the proper motion of Barnard's star.

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