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Egyptian astronomy begins in prehistory, pre-dynastic period. In the 5th Millennium BC, made the stone circles in Nabta Playa use of astronomical alignments. At the time of the dynastic period in history began in the 3rd Millennium BC, C, duration was of 365 days of the Egyptian calendar is already in use, and the sky was important in determining the annual flooding Nile, the Egyptian pyramids were closely aligned with the stars and the Temple of Amun-Re in Karnak has been classified at sunrise in winter. Astronomy played an important role in determining the dates of religious holidays and the determination of the night, and astrologers of the temple were qualified and in compliance with the stars of the compound phases and uprisings sun, moon and planets.

In Ptolemaic Egypt, Egyptian astronomy custom blended with Greek and Babylonian astronomy, with the city of Alexandria in Lower Egypt, the center of scientific activity in the Hellenistic world. Roman Egypt was the greatest astronomer of the time, Ptolemy (90-168 AD). His work on astronomy, including the Almagest was the most influential books of the history of Western astronomy. After the Islamic conquest of Egypt, the region was by the Arab-dominated Islamic culture and astronomy.

The astronomer Ibn Yunus (ca. 950-1009) monitors the position of the Sun for many years, with a large astrolabe, and his observations of the eclipses for centuries used later. In 1006, Ali ibn Ridwan observed in SN 1006, a supernova seen as the most brilliant event in the history of the controller, so that the detailed description of it. In the 14th Century ago, Najm al-Din al-Misri describes an essay about 100 different types of astronomical and scientific instruments, many he has invented. In the 20th Century, Farouk El-Baz in Egypt worked for NASA and participated in the Apollo landing sites first, where he and the planning of scientific exploration of the moon.

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